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Stupid people and snide Jose (lovely fellow)

The following is a conversation between a friend of mine, Jose, that lives in Texas and myself about the stupid people that the occurences that he has to face working for a hotel chain as a self representative. It was magical.
Trulytam below is me.. and elspanishrey is obviously him.

jose: this chick calls me up right and is like, im confused about your tv guide here for the hbo line up .. andim like ok .. let me see if i can help you
she goes well .. i see that empire records is playing at 12 .. and girls is playing at 12 too ... so which one is going to be playing at 12? i dont get it
and im like wtf ... let me look at the tv guide rq and see what the hell your talkiong about
and then im like .. OMFG your stupid ... i mean, i think i figured it out .. one of those is 12 am and the second is 12 midnight ...
and she is like OHHHHH .. well, that makes sense!
and im like yeah ... when you look at the begining of the day and it says 5 am and at the end of the day it says 4 am .. i would only hope we didnt loose and hour of time with all those movies playing in between
then she hung up on me =/
some poeple are fucking rude IMO

now a days i get alot of calls but when i answer they hang up on me =/ no clue why they dont want to talk to me anymore=/
el_spanish_rey : and another thing, i had this guy call me today and was like hey, can you tranfer my call to mike .. and im like uhh .. do you know his room number or like his last name .. and he was like no i dont .. cant you do it by his first name?
el_spanish_rey : and i told this bastard no .. cause i have like 500 guest and or list are arranged according to last names ..
el_spanish_rey : and he is like are you sure you cant
el_spanish_rey : and i tell him yeah im sure i cant .. i would be here all night looking for this first name
el_spanish_rey : and he is like ohh .. i was told once that you could do it .. and im like i dont know who told you that but i sure cant do that
el_spanish_rey : and he is like, so your telling me there is absolutely no way you could do that and im like yeah im telling you there is no way
el_spanish_rey : and he is like but if i come up with his last name of room number you can help me .. and im like yup ..
trulytam: i'm reading this outloud to ganith.. and laughing my head off by the way
el_spanish_rey : then he is like are you sure? and i just wanted to tell him ok you fuck nut i was just joshing ya i can do it but only cause you asked me 26 fucking times and that just happen to be the magic number ..
el_spanish_rey : some poeple dont get the point i swear to god
trulytam: ok.. i'm having trouble breathing
el_spanish_rey : if i said no the first 50 fucking times what makes you think my answer is going to change on the 51 st time you ask


el_spanish_rey : she was like hi, do you have 3 quarters and i was like sure do ..
el_spanish_rey : then she reaches into her pocket and pulls out 75 pennies
el_spanish_rey : and im like whoa whoa whoa ... im not taking 75 pennies cause that is just a pain in the ass
el_spanish_rey : and she is like why not .. so of course i tell her the truth its too much change .. im going to hate counting them and my manager in the morning is going to hate it and the person who gets my drawer tomrrow is going to hate it
el_spanish_rey : so i cant take it and she is like i need to wash my cloths and im like then i tell you what go to the gas station next door and see if they will take it
el_spanish_rey : and she is like they wont ive had this discussion with them and they wont take it unless its rolled
el_spanish_rey : so i give her a roller and she looks at me like im crazy
el_spanish_rey : and she is like why wont you take them ... what did the guys at the gas station tell you when you asked them that .. and she was like .. well they arent obligated to change them for me like you guys are since i live here
el_spanish_rey : and im like well first off we arent pbligated to even give you change for the machines .. we do that cause we want too ..
el_spanish_rey : and she was like .. i pay 800 a month to stay here and you wont change my pennies .. what if i come in next month and pay my rent in pennies would you take them then .. and i was like i dont think so
el_spanish_rey : and then she is like are you sure you wont change them .. and im like definetely sure abou tthat
el_spanish_rey : and she is like what about just 25 pennies .. and im like no thanks
el_spanish_rey : and she is like whats your name, and im like jose and then she is like whats your managers name and i tell her that too
el_spanish_rey : so after fighting with her for another 20 minutes she finally gets the point im not taking any of her pennies ..
trulytam: ok.. breathe tamra... breathe
el_spanish_rey : and then i called my manager and told him what happened .. and he said good fucking job .. we dont want their fucking pennies and i was like thx boss
trulytam: i'm seriously copying and pasting this stuff..
el_spanish_rey : glad we hate the same type of peole
el_spanish_rey : ohh !@
el_spanish_rey : and then there was the guy that came in at 10 fucking pm and demanded to see the maager cause he got kicked out ... and i tried to explain to his dumb ass that no one was there but me and the security that kicked his ass out until 7 am when the magaer came on duty
el_spanish_rey : he was like you better call your manager and i was like uhh like i said before his hours are 7 am to 5 pm come back during regular hours
el_spanish_rey : and he was like so your tellingme there isno way for you to get ahold of your manager and i said your right .. there is no way im able to comply with that demad
el_spanish_rey : demand
el_spanish_rey : and he was like are you sure?
el_spanish_rey : and i was like yeah im sure, ,and then he tries to be a smart ass, and be like.. well give me the regionals number and i said i cant do that either .. we have to follow the chain of command
el_spanish_rey : and he was like then get your manager on the phone i said listen .. i told you between the hours of 7 and 5 .. what part of that is hard to underastand
el_spanish_rey : and he was like so what if the building was burning .. who would you call then?
el_spanish_rey : and being the smart ass that i am .. i was like i would call 911 and the firedepartment
el_spanish_rey : then maybe i would call him to let him know he might be having the next day off
el_spanish_rey : but im not calling him so he can waste his time on you
el_spanish_rey : come back tomorrow and then i walked over around the counter and told him he can leave my office cause im not afraid of anyone and he was trying to swell up to me
Thing he hates the most:
el_spanish_rey : i hate poeple in a rush cause they show up in the office wanting to pay rent quick and sometimes im busy and they are all like tapping there toes and sighing loudly and when i get to them they are like can you hurry up im in a hurry and im like OHHHHHH so you fucking wake up late or dont plan enough time to get shit done and all of the sudden IM WASTING YOUR TIME, how fucking rediculous is that!?
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