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The human element~~~~

Some friends people have for a lifetime... and others seem to rain down upon you like the black plague... never stopping... only ever caring when there is a possibility of having something happen in their pants... never understanding what the concept of friend means..
I have no use for so many people at this moment as I sit and think.... most of them never really cared... can't care apparently.

Yet there is an incredible amount of people that do... but I wish people were not so involved in their own existence... own self to look outside and see something better.... something they could alter for the greater good...

I can't handle people communing around me for sexual reasons.... exclusively.... hmm.. I wonder why I have such an assortment of friends... ha!
If I lose weight... am I going to have the same problems that I used to? I know I couldn't stand it this time around... I just want people to care about one and other more than they do... themselves... I guess that is too much to ask for.
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