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Bad.. bad... foul.. wrong...

Ok.. so other than the fact that people are attempting to swim in negativity in any fashion and I feel doomed no matter which way I turn..... I, unlike most people, have the pleasure of being able to glimpse at emotional battles and combats of my previous relationships. Nothing I can gain out of this... then again the way I woke up feeling today... maybe there is nothing I can gain out of anything. *smacks self to eliminate the depressive nonsense* If I'm meant to be happy... then it will happen.. I can only do my best to help it along... but at times it means that others don't want to be happy... it is much easier to just hate and be depressed about circumstances because then there is no hopeful expectations to distill. As much sense as that makes.. because then you are giving up that brief amount of happiness to not have the shock value of disappointment.
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