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Insanely horrible survey

These are all fucked up, random, interesting, personal questions.


1. Given a homeless guy more than $5?: my mom and i gave a guy $10 once because he said... i need to buy some wine.. and my mom said.. i appreciate your honesty... here ya go... sounds corrupting.... but there is an underlinings point

2. Spent more than $500 on a bf/gf's gift? almost... i spent 350 plus a 50 dollar game... plus a 25 dollar controller.... first christmas that ps2 came out.... but after the break up it was given back to me

3. Had sex with more than one person in a day? lol... uumm... anyway... *twiddles thumbs* politically correct answer: NO

4. Given oral pleasure? give me a break.. yes

5. Dated two people at once? uumm yeah.. i believe i have.. and people that know me well.. would laugh at how casual that sounded

6. Actually met someone from myspace that you didn't know before? yes.... one person actually... and a couple other friends have as well.. then introduced me at like denny's ... i ask where do they know each other from... response.. myspace... i say... uh huh... ok then

8. Failed more than one class? yes... deaths in the family never see to help my gpa.. but in high school i was a valedictorian... 4.5 cum

9. Took someone's virginity when you weren't a virgin? yep

10. Hooked up with someone from a different race? uumm.. yep.. in their country even.... there is a story there.. that few know

11. Ran around naked outside in the daytime/night time? yep

12. Scuba dived? Nope

13. Snorkled? yep... in hawaii.. several times.. couple other places.. mexico.. things like that

14. Dated someone you didn't want your friends to meet? yes... but a couple of them.. for different reasons... a couple of them were jerks.. and i knew that they didnt meld with others well...

15. Got your stomach pumped, from alcohol poisoning? nope

16. Threw up from alcohol? ha... of course... several times... not as many times as i should have though given the amount that i drink on a regular basis

17. Been suspended from school? nope.. in school.. i was always good.. well.. until college.. does academic probation count as suspension?

18. Kissed someone of the same sex? yep... uumm... just tried to count and realized i couldn't... but it wasn't like a sexual kissing thing.. just a peck thing..

19. Wore a short skirt with out panties? what kind of question is that?

20. Let a guy paint your toenails (girls)? yes... i have.. some are grand... others.. yeah... i couldnt see skin on my toes without paint

21. Met someone famous? lots

22. Saved someone's life? possibly... talked a couple people out of suicide

23. Seen someone die? yes... my dad and i used to chase fatal car accidents

24. Killed someone? other than a bug... nope.. and why would anyone ever answer differently on this... how many people are going to put that in print?

25. Been in a physical fight? a couple.. almost never provoked by me

26. Hooked up with someone 10 yrs older or younger than you or more? nope.. i date within my age range.. although i have had both extremes hit on me in different scenerios..

27. Been arrested? nope

28. Spent the night in jail? nope

29. Been in more than three car accidents in a year? nope

30. Had sex outside? yes... lots

31. Had sex with someone and didnt know their name? nope... someone kissed me that i didn't... at a club in vegas.. i couldn't get away from them.. and they just grabbed me

32. Had sex in your house when your parents were home? yes.. and in boyfriend's houses when parents were home... sigh.. the insanity of youth

33. Had phone sex? yep...

34. Been turned off by someone's personal hygiene "down there"? actually i date fairly obsessive compulsive people... they have been known to bathe more than once a day... so the soap would be the factor... or the aftershave.. or musk cologne.. ugh

35. Been to Planned Parenthood? nope

36. Had sex without a condom? yes... sigh

37. Had a one night stand? depends on if you consider the fact that it started as that.. and we ended up being friends after... still talk to them...

38. Triple Kissed? with my parents.. best friends in high school.. that is what i think it means

39. Had sex on the beach? that is my reservation spot.. i havent had sex.... maybe clinton sex there... but it has been spared

40. Had sex when other people could see? nope... well.. it was masked... and if you have sex outside.. people could always view you... so i suppose yes in that case... nothing transpired in the same room as others though... ever

41. Been fired from a job? nope

42. Danced on top of a bar? my own bar... upstairs.. and on the pool table..

43. Had sex somewhere in your high school? ok... porterville i did... not at monache.. wait.. did i? sigh.. i can't remember now..

45. Been in a porn shop? yep

46. Been in a dance competition? yep... :P

47. Had a threesome? nope.. and never will.. i'm an emotional relationship sort.. and that wouldn't mix

48. Spent more than one night in a hospital? never been actually admitted in a hospital.. no broken bones.. no sprains.. no cavities..

49. ODed on a drug? if you consider taking a bottle of wild turkey.. and half a pack of cold and flu tabs plus others.. while friends are in the room ... almost passing out... i suppose... but i was fine.. that was sortly after my grandmother died last year and i was taking care of her
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