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Semi happy and hopefully will be more

Just going to post real fast before I run out the door. I'm actually pleasant right now.. and I promised in the previous blog that I wouldn't become the sort of person to just vent in journal form.. so I'm holding myself to that. I get to see something that I haven't seen for days.. and I'm excited... I need to kill my procrastinating nature. Bad note: Braxton might not come back this weekend again. Pretty much what I expected.. I'm just worried that I won't see him at all now until we do move. Braxton is becoming a primary part of the reason I want to move. Sigh.. but there is a couple of reasons why I don't want to. They know who they are... my parents and brother are included in that by the way. Anyway, I'm going to float out the door.. happily to receive the season with something less than jolly.. but more than irritation and that is due to certain people... not because of the holiday.
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